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250-Year Wait to Economic Gender Equality

There’s a 250-year wait for women and men to be offered the same economic opportunities.

Yes, you read that right.

The recent WEF report said that it will take two-and-a-half centuries for the economic gender gap to close up. But the fact that I’m not surprised is more daunting than the report itself. This report shows us today’s stark reality. We’re not working towards a society where both the genders are treated equally. We’re not giving more opportunities to women. In 2018, the same report gave a lesser number of 200 years, and this just reminds us we’re much far from the society most women idealize, and we may be getting farther.

But the future is malleable. This report is not the absolute truth, and we may steadily reduce the number in the coming years. It’s still not too late, but the future we aspire for is a future we need to work hard towards. And it’s high time that we start treating women equally, and make it our aim to reduce the 250-year wait to a 100-year wait by 2025.

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